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Welcome to materialimmaterial a series of forthcoming art retreats, workshops and events. 


The retreats are led by artist and educator Kate Broad. She lectures at universities and institutions in London with a focus on textiles and associated fashion contexts. Her true passion lies with drawing practice and champions it as a pivotal component of all creative genres. Her own research documents landscape in the broadest sense both external and internal and marries this concept with the theatre and dance related philosophy of real time choreography.. ( @katebroadart instagram )


materialimmaterial takes drawing out of the studio and embodies it with a sense of place through cloth, figure and location. Set within the house and grounds of the 19th century Chateau de Montvason in Saussemesmil, Normandy, France, the narrative unfolds as a model migrates from one tableau to the next.


The textile is often pivotal in holding memory, history and narrative, and it is this key point that navigates the retreat. Participants can explore this concept via traditional and experimental approaches to drawing from the ephemeral outcome to the literal and traditional. Painters of the period who reflected on French life are cited as are Huysman's fin de siècle classic "Against Nature" and Zola's sartorial text, artists too who pioneered new photographic techniques and changed for ever what constituted the pose and figure in a landscape.

All levels of ability and profession are welcome with direction if requested. Fine artists, designers and costume historians who want to develop their creative focus will all enjoy this opportunity to document this period collection. All garments are original and broadly span the period within which the Chateau was built ie the latter half of the 19th century. Unlike pristine museum quality these pieces are fragile and at times shattering which somehow embues then with a warmth and humanity often lost in pristine artefacts.

NEXT RETREAT DATES ARE THURSDAY 3RD TO MONDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020 Early bird savings if booked by 31st March 2020


Check the gallery pages for highlights of recent events.

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